Haircare 101: Hair Care Tips for this Heat

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Many people notice their hair does different things when it is hotter outside. Your hair may frizz up more than usual, be more crunchy/dry, change colors from sunlight damage, or even just feel different. Sometimes the humidity can erase your entire style and frizz up your leave out in a sew in. It is up to each and every person to care for their hair and to manage it in a special way during all 4 seasons. Ironically each season has a different effect on your hair. So we must protect our hair from sun damage as if we are protecting our skin from sun damage.

During the summer we all have to deal with the heat and humidity that drys out our beautiful hair. Humidity is that terrible hot smoggy wet like feeling when you step outside that sometimes can destroy your hairstyle. Humidity can turn a perfectly bone straight hair into a frizz ball of natural curls within minutes. It is important for woman to tame their mane by learning and researching the effects humidity has on their hair and to take preventable steps to make sure it doesn't damage your hair. Surviving humid days requires simple but necessary maintenance.

Tip #1 - Add moisture/oils to your hair before styling

Using oils and moisture in your hair before styling will help your hair to keep that moisture and not dry out your hair during the day. Products like oils, serums and conditioners are all protective moisturizers for your hair that also help protect your hair from heat while keeping it from becoming frizz and dry.

Tip #2 - Try an all natural humidity resistant spray/mouse

It is important to care for your hair as if you would care for your body. For many people caring for their hair is not a priority, it's important that you now make it a priority because your hair is beautiful and it's a way to express who you are. All natural products strengthen your hair and help it grow long and healthy at a quick rate. Using natural and healthy humidity spray will protect your natural hair when going out into the sun.

Tip #3 - Dry your hair before leaving the house

Do not expect your hair to not frizz up if you walk outside with wet hair and the sun is beaming down on you. Going out when it is hot and humid with wet hair can really damage your hair and your curl pattern. The humidity will dry out your hair and will leave your hair looking like a frizz ball. Going out with wet hair can also cause a large quantity of dandruff, which is the last thing we need. Don't get me wrong dandruff can be good, but a large amount of it can also be bad.

Tip #4 - Protect your hair and its natural color

Protecting your hair color is a big deal because your hair color can change from black to brown all by damage from the sun. To protect your natural hair color you can use heat protection spray/mouse before stepping outside. Sometimes it is just a simple spray to finish and set your style. This allows you to know that your hair is protected from the damage of the sun and you can go on living your best life.

It is also important to everyone to understand we all have different textures/patterns/types of hair. Your hair may not do what the YouTubers' hair did to a product, and your hair may react differently than what the product label say. That is also why it is important to train your hair and to understand the products that your hair thrives from and continue to use those products. It is super important for you to know to embrace your texture and nurture your texture and love your texture and your hair will eventually take care of itself.

At the end of the day, a little harsh weather should not stop you from looking your best and being free with your hair. It is important to make sure you do all you can to ease frizz and prevent damage to your hair.


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