How to: Grow Back a Damaged Hairline

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For many women protecting their Hairline is a huge issue. For some women it can come hereditary and for some it is damage caused upon themselves. A damaged Hairline can mess up your desired styles, and it can also make you feel as though you have to hide your forehead or the damaged area. With proper care you can revive your damaged hairline and rock those new fabulous styles.

The #1 easiest cause of a damaged hairline would be wearing tight styles that are pulling your edges out. Some styles that you get you should tell the stylist to please leave your edges/baby hairs out so that you can just lay them with edge control and protect your hairline. Tight braids, and ponytail styles that pull your eyes back, and weaves that are too tight on your edges, should be avoided when trying to protect your hairline. Wearing wigs and frontals is also a good option to give your hairline a break and an easy style that can still look flawless. There are so many styles that you can turn to in order to protect your Hairline.

Another interesting cause of damaged hairline would be using relaxers on your hairline back to back. Relaxing your hair effects everyone differently, some people can go month and months without having to get another relaxer and some people can only go a few weeks and then do it again. Repetitively putting a relaxer on your edges will hurt them over time, and you may not notice it at first, but it will eventually start to damage your hairline. Right now in the society we live in, natural styles are more popular and these natural styles are the styles that are actually bringing people's hair back to life. You would be amazed how much your hair can grow in a 100% natural state. Just relaxing once or twice a year would also help to prevent more damage on your hairline.


Giving your hairline the healthiest most natural products there is.

Figure out a set rhythm that works for your hair.

Take Biotin supplements as needed. (Recommend: Hairinfinity)

Set a day out of the month for a deep intensive conditioning treatment. (Recommend: Moroccanoil Treatment)

Avoided styles that are tight and damaging to the hair follicles.


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