Kulture Views Hair Extensions: Why should I get a sew in?

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Every person who is unsure of what to do with their hair tends to turn to recommendations, or social media, or even allow stylist to choose their next hairstyle. Well KV says go for the sew in. There are so many benefits of getting a sew in. There are also so many different ways to style a sew in which allows them to be extremely versatile. When we think of a sew in we usually automatically think of extensions, weave and bundles. Getting a sew in allows you to choose a style that is out of the ordinary and brings out your inner beauty.

Benefits of Getting a Sew in

For starters, sew ins are very stable and will cover you for a good 2-3 months. Don't know about you but not having to get a hairdo in 2-3 months sounds pretty good to us. Sew ins are an excellent choice for new hairstyles when you don't want to damage your hair, parties/weddings/graduation/prom/outings, or even a special ceremony. It's really a beautiful thing to be able to see someone with a new hairstyle and their beauty glowing more than ever. Sew ins will do just that!  KV Hair has the ability to bring out the best in beauty and let your glow show.

Sew ins are also low maintenance. Our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin hair, so that means you could literally do nothing to the hair, add no product and the hair will simply stay natural and beautiful. KV Hair has so many different options for textures, and there are so many ways to style the extensions with low maintenance. 

Getting a sew in will also save you countless coins. As stated above you are able to keep our hair in for 2-3 months with proper care. That means about 3 months without having to buy any hair product, pay to get your hair done, and no coins spent on protective styles throughout the month because you have a sew in. KV Hair can last even longer than 3 months. With proper care and management our hair can last over 12 months. The better you treat our hair like your own hair, the better you care for it then the longer the extensions will last.

Sew ins have become more popular over the years and there is an abundant supply of hair all around the world. Sew ins are also changing constantly. The styles, the foundations, the lengths, the colors, and the techniques are all so innovative that it is very hard to keep up with. But this blog will be here to help you navigate through all the changes and styles that are becoming more and more popular. 

Sew ins can also be very scary if you are new and just getting into them. Sew ins can also be scary if your hair is thin or you are afraid of breakage. Here at KV Hair we say go for it. The society we live in is always changing and coming up with new and simpler ways to install weave without damaging the hair. Here at KV Hair we say take that chance, because the outcome is going to be amazing. We are here and excited to see our KVSQUAD members glow up.

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  • Not having to get my hair done every 2 weeks sounds like a winner to me,Im interested!

    Wendy Rouse on

  • Nisa I’m so proud of you, this information was very well written and informative! Please continue to share your journey with me.
    Pamela Davis

    Pamela Davis on

  • I think after reading your article I understand how sew ins can actually help my hair grow. Great tips and great advice on explaining the best reasons to get a sew in. #kvsquadblog

    Elizabeth on

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