Kulture Views Hair Extensions: General Care for your Extensions

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General care for your KV extensions is similar to your standard care for other extensions you may have. KV extensions come unprocessed and 100% natural. Here at Kulture Views we want every customer to have perfect hair extensions that will last 2-4 years with our care techniques. 

Treat your extensions as your own!

To provide proper care for your extensions it is a must that you treat them as if they where your very own hair. It is recommended by KVHair extension specialist to use these 4 steps when it comes to proper care: de-tangle, washing hair with conditioner, air dry and style to preference. It is also recommended to co-wash every 2-3 weeks. Treating the extensions as your own will allow them to last longer than other extensions.

Brazilian extensions, Mongolian extensions and Malaysian extensions require daily maintenance.

Indian extensions and Peruvian extensions typically require maintenance weekly.

Steps for cleaning!

1) Soak in warm water with a nickel size amount size of shampoo.

2) Soak for about  5 -10 minutes.

3) Rinse the hair in clean cold water.

4) Soak in warm water with a quarter size amount of conditioner.

5) Soak or about 10 -15 minutes.

6) Rinse the hair in clean cold water.

7) Slightly soak up the water with a towel, hang up the extensions to dry or let your hair air dry on your head.

8) Once the hair is air dried, you can then comb it with a wide tooth comb. (not recommended to comb through when wet)

Wrap up your hair!

Keep your hair as tangle free as possible. Only comb and brush the hair when it is not wet. Unless it is in a deep condition it is not recommended to brush through the hair when wet. Without wrapping your hair it is possible your extensions could become damaged and not have a much longevity as they typically do. 

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