Kulture Views Hair Company is still shipping. Click here to learn about the changes we have made for COVID-19.


Where is the hair coming from?

Most of the hair that we currently hair in stock here in the USA was received before the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, some of the newer hair and other products have been shipping over to USA from China, India, Europe and California. We are being very cautious with all shipments, and all items that come from outside of USA, have been sanitized for a 2 week periods eliminating any possible of the living virus. Our employees are also following many safety procedure when handling our products. We will continue to following all CDC regulations during this time.

Will my package come to me on time?

Yes, most items will ship on time. However, because we can not control the USPS delivery system, please consider minor delays due to the conditions at hand. All shipping fees have been lifts. Please consider your item can take anywhere from 2-12 business days after processing payment.

Are you still booking appointments?

We are currently in the process of temporarily pausing all appointments until further notices. Once the Gainesville, FL lifts all stay at home orders appointments will immediately be available to schedule.


Please consider these are unique and crazy times for everyone in the world. Kulture Views Hair Company will be doing everything possible to keep our customers safe and still get everyone the products they need to keep their hair cared for. Please contact Customer Service if you have any additional questions or concerns, and practice social distancing.

Thank you kindly, Kulture Views Hair Company CEO